Are you looking for an innovative team building, with a story and a purpose? Try our Gaming at Work® Activator workshops. Gaming at Work® Always a combination of 21st century skills and a special game. This selection is suitable for gamers and non-gamers. In addition, almost all Activators can be realized in your own office environment. Combining several workshops is encouraged.

Gaming presentatie


Gaming at work offers opportunities! Learn about the benefits of Gaming and how you can use it for personal and professional growth. There's more to gaming than you think!

Bom ontmantelspel


How well do you communicate?
Put it to the test with nerve-racking games.
Your communication skills will be sharpened here! 

Blokken wereld met een huis, een boom en op de achtergrond een gebergte.

Team Build

Discover new powers in your team through various creative building assignments.
Get to know yourself and each other in a digital sandbox. What role will you take on?

Ouder en kind gamen samen

Game Healthy

How do you recognize excessive gaming and how do you stimulate healthy gaming behaviour?
Talk to our experts and learn the impact gaming can have.

This workshop is also perfect for groups of parents.

Game competitie


Do you keep an eye on everything?
Ga de strijd aan met jouw collega's.

Sharpen your reaction, concentration and visual skills in a heart-pounding competition. Will you take that first place?

Bureau's met ergonomische stoelen.


A healthy workplace stimulates productivity and well-being.
Ook tijdens het gamen.
Not only posture, but also sound, lighting and social environment are important for a pleasant workplace.

Aangepaste game controllers

Inclusive gaming

Even with a disability, gaming is absolutely possible.

Enter into a conversation with gamers who have a disability themselves and experience the importance of an accessible game world for yourself.

VR apparaat


Immerse yourself completely in the world of Virtual Reality.

Get into epic space battles and roller coaster rides. Afterwards, you will learn how these games affect you.

En man die vuil opraapt van een veld


Make conversation, connect and cleaner streets at the same time.
Start your new habit with a fun event where AR-Gaming and environmental awareness come together!

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We would love to hear from you!

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